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About Simon Teo Total Wellness

Unlike conventional medicine that focuses more on the diagnosis and prescription, Simon Teo Total Wellness takes a much more holistic approach. By focusing on why your symptoms manifest the way they do, we seek to identify the root cause behind your chronic dis-ease – so that we can craft a personalized plan just for you.

Our Core

Values Of Care


An integrative Approach

Unlike conventional medical care, we first help patients heal and then empower them with the knowledge and tools to avoid many of the pitfalls that created their illness in the first place. No matter where you are right now with our expert guidance you can heal and lead a vibrant life!

We will guide you and implement an integrative approach to your wellness, drawing from the most up-to-date nutritional science and lifestyle medicine, to significantly improve your health and alleviate symptoms.


Patient Centered

Not only is each patient biologically unique, their illness is unique too. There are so many factors that may be to blame for your illness – from lifestyle choices, food choices, allergies and even toxins in your immediate environment... plus let's not forget mindset (which plays a big role in your health).

We will do your intake, we may conduct further specialty lab tests (that your current doctor may not even know about). Plus, we also use other assessment tools to get the full picture of your health so that with a precise diagnosis, we can come up with a precise "healing prescription." One size does NOT fit all, and we strive to provide the highest quality individualized care for all of our patients.


Co-Creating Health

Changing your lifestyle may seem daunting, but we teach you how to use mindset tools to overcome stubborn habits that aren't serving you any longer. We make the prospect of becoming healthy "fun" and have a wide range of tools in place to support you during your health transformation and beyond.

We also leverage mobile app and other forms of support and accountability so your new healing lifestyle practices can become an integral part of your everyday life. We also harness the support of online communities to give you support remotely, as you make important changes that translate into lasting health.


Dedicated Attention

In your typical 7-minute doctor's visit, there is little time to understand the depth of your illness... let alone the contributing factors that may have caused it.

During your in-depth intake consultation, we listen to your story. We take the time needed, one-on-one, to conduct a thorough review to understand all the potential triggers for your illness. This review includes your past medical history, your past and present diet, environment, stress levels, and gut health. Your in-depth health history is the start to unraveling the root causes of you illness.


Root Cause Resolution

Unlike conventionally-trained doctors, we are committed to helping you reach your optimal health by always focusing on identifying the underlying causes of illness. We also examine the key cellular imbalances that are responsible for virtually all symptoms you’re experiencing right now.

Also known as functional medicine, our care is so effective because we focus on dealing with the "up-stream" catalyst of chronic illnesses – including toxicity in your home or work-place, potential food intolerances and allergies, gut & hormonal imbalances, along with mindset issue that all determine how healthy you are to date.


Innovative Testing

Did you know that it takes on average 17 years for clinical breakthroughs to make their way into your conventional doctor's office? That means many health care practitioners are dispensing outdated advice and not using the best lab testing available for your case. Chances are they are not even aware of the proper testing that could make all the difference in your healing plan.

At Simon Teo Total Wellness, whether it be supplements, botanical medicines, detox programs, therapeutic diets or lifestyles management, we are trained and committed to using what works for you. Including the best, most advanced testing and we pair that with current nutritional science so that you can finally achieve your health goals and achieve optimal health.

Born in “Little Red Dot”, Singapore, I am truly grateful to have been given the opportunity in re-locating to America to pursue my education in becoming a holistic healthcare practitioner. I received my B.S. in BioMedical Engineering from Singapore University of Social Sciences and  completed the doctorate  degree at Life Chiropractic West College.

Upon graduation, I have attended numerous postgraduate studies in the area of functional medicine and clinical nutrition. Though my educational journey, I have learned that in order to achieve good health and happiness, I need to see the body as a whole system. Our body is interconnected, and we just can’t simply see each system individually. Hence, I believe that by treating the whole body system, not just the symptoms, this provides long term relief and help you attain optimal health.

I really like Dr. Teo’s approach of well being. He considers the entire body and really makes a difference with his approach. I highly recommend his services.

– Alberto L
Director of HR

Dr. Teo was very professional and took the time to explain to me, which help put me at easy. He customized his approach to fit my needs and concerns. I am very happy with his service and would recommend him.

– Kaitlyn B
Chief Operating Officer

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Perhaps you have questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision to become a patient. We are standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to determine if Simon Teo Total Wellness is right for you.

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